Shemagh Head Scarf

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  • Protects face and head from dust storms, winter winds, and sun rays
  • All-weather tactical scarf with multiple survival applications
  • Soft and breathable 100% cotton for all-season comfort
  • 43” x 43” size allows for versatile wrapping around head or neck
  • Can be used as a face covering scarf, tourniquet, arm sling, blanket, pillow, or to filter water or signal for help
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for outdoor adventures
  • Hand wash only for best care


The Texas Bushcraft Shemagh is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Made of 100% cotton, this tactical scarf is both soft and breathable, making it perfect for all-season comfort. Whether you're facing dust storms, winter winds, or unrelenting sun rays, the Texas Bushcraft Shemagh will protect your face and head, and has an array of other survival applications.

At 43” x 43”, this scarf is versatile enough to be wrapped around your head or neck as needed, and is perfect for preserving your skin from harsh UV rays and blinding sand or dust. Whether you're outdoors in the mid-day heat or facing colder temperatures, the Texas Bushcraft Shemagh will keep you comfortable.

Not only is the Texas Bushcraft Shemagh a great face covering scarf, but it's also durable and versatile. In emergencies, it can be used as a tourniquet or arm sling, and it can even be used as a blanket or pillow during travel. It can also be used to filter water or signal for help while stranded in the wilderness.

Lightweight and portable, the Texas Bushcraft Shemagh is perfect for your adventurous spirit. It can be stowed in your backpack, tied around your waist, or worn as a neck gaiter for easy carry. And with customer reviews raving about its effectiveness, you can trust that the Texas Bushcraft Shemagh is a reliable choice for any outdoor excursion. Remember to hand wash only for the best care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Mark Cleveland
Bye bye expensive sun block

I purchased this for an alternative to sun screen while at work. I’m glad I did as it’s very effective in blocking out the sun, and I will be buying more.

Hey Mark,

We're glad to hear the Shemagh is serving you well at work! It's great that you find it effective for your needs. Thanks for your trust, and we look forward to providing you with more in the future.

The Texas Bushcraft Team

Jeff Sells
Cold and wind

Illinois hunting is cold and most of the time windy. If you aren't comfortable sitting still is impossible. My scarf helps me blend in but it also keeps me warm. It can be configured many different ways! I take and wear mine everywhere me and my daughter went to Thailand stayed 35 days I used it for sun protection, wind, light rain. I just ordered three more! Thanks Jeff Sells @ MTN Hemp Farms LLC

Hey Jeff,

Thrilled to hear how versatile our Shemagh Head Scarf has been for you, from the chilly winds of Illinois hunting to the vibrant landscapes of Thailand! It's great to know it's serving well in keeping you and your daughter protected against the elements. We appreciate your support and are happy you've found it so indispensable that you've ordered more. Safe travels and happy adventures to you both!

Warm regards,
The Texas Bushcraft Team

John Dudley
Good sun protection

Used it for the first time today on a hike in the high (7500’) desert. Gonna start wearing to keep my badly damaged white skin from those UV rays. I wish i had one of these years ago before i got the turkey neck from sun damage.

Hey John Dudley,

Thanks for sharing your experience with our Shemagh Head Scarf! We're really glad to hear it's providing you with the sun protection you need, especially out in the high desert. It's never too late to start safeguarding against those UV rays. Here's to many more safe and enjoyable hikes with your new gear!

The Texas Bushcraft Team

Sunflower Keel
Nice cotton feel

I like this scarf so much and the color is a nice light brown.

Hey Sunflower,

Thanks for the wonderful review! We're delighted to hear you're enjoying the feel and color of your Shemagh Head Scarf. Wishing you lots of stylish and comfortable adventures with it!

The Texas Bushcraft Team


Very nicely made and perfect for the elements.

Hey Erik,

Thanks for the great review! We're thrilled to hear our Shemagh Head Scarf is serving you well against the elements. Stay protected and stylish out there!

The Texas Bushcraft Team.