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Texas Bushcraft Firestarter

  • SURVIVE AND THRIVE in an emergency with this weather-resistant ferro rod fire starter in your survival kit. Unlike matches that can become wet or blown-out in wind, our fire steel is impervious to the elements.
  • 5000 F DEGREES SPARKS are hot enough to ignite a variety of tinder including plant fuzz, goldenrod fluff, and cattail seed or milkweed down. Stay warm and keep the wolves at-bay with this foolproof fire steel.
  • 15,000+ STRIKES from the Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter make it an essential part of your camping accessories. The included striker tool attached on the lanyard ensures that you’re always prepared for the unexpected.
  • INCLUDED SURVIVAL TOOL features a bottle opener, hex wrench, micro ruler, map scale and sharp spine scraper. It is affixed to the ferro rod by the 48” braided paracord lanyard for quick easy retrieval and use.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE so it fits in your pocket, backpack or auto glove box, the Texas Bushcraft flint steel also boasts a sturdy and comfortable hardwood handle that delivers optimal grip and control during use.

Texas Bushcraft Firestarter

Overcome the forces of nature

When you find yourself stranded with nightfall approaching, you can't trust your well-being to matches or a cigarette lighter with limited fuel. The Texas Bushcraft Ferrocerium Rod ensures that you always have a reliable heat source at your fingertips. This man-made fire steel produces sparks in excess of 5000 F degrees, igniting tinder and starting a fire so you can alert rescue crews to your whereabouts, stay warm as temperatures fall, and maybe even cook wild game to sustain you.

Texas Bushcraft Firestarter

No climate is too harsh

Unlike butane lighters that are hampered by wind, or matches that can become wet and unusable, ferro rods are impervious to weather, showering sparks over a pile of tinder in rain or gale-force winds. Capable of more than 15,000 strikes, our fire starter will see you through countless camping and hiking excursions, or carry you through the aftermath of a natural disaster as part of your prepper supplies. Small and compact, it goes virtually anywhere in your pocket, hiking gear or camping equipment.

Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Cord

All the tools for your survival

Each ferro rod boasts a sturdy wooden handle which has 48" of heavy-duty paracord braided through it. Attached to the paracord is a multifunctional survival tool made of hardened steel. It also measures, opens bottles, turns hex nuts and helps you map-out your return to civilization. With a hard-wearing black powder coating, it endures the rigors of the outdoors without rusting or corroding.

For a fire starter you can count on when the going gets tough, add a Texas Bushcraft Ferro Rod to your camping supplies and survival gear today.


Texas Bushcraft Firestarter

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Shawn Christenson
Good quality, good company

Great customer service oriented company. Product seems like a quality product. Excited to try with my upcoming trip in May.

John C
outstanding quality

Very happy with my purchase. Throws a shower of sparks. Will be taking it camping every time. JC

Hello John,

Thanks for leaving a review for our Fire Starter product! We're glad to hear that you're satisfied with the quality of the product and that it's throwing a shower of sparks, which is fantastic news for any camping trip!

We're happy to hear that you're planning to bring it with you on your future camping adventures. We hope that it continues to work well and serve you as a reliable tool for starting fires in the great wide open.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your positive experience with us. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Terry M
Quality Purchase

I purchased (2) items,and both were of very High Quality.The 3/8' Ferro Rod with Striker,is easy to throw a shower of sparks,and makes short work of a bundle of dried Twigs

The Blanket is very nice also,but has a very strong odor that is petroleum based.I had the Blanket Dry Cleaned,and the Blanket no longer has any odor. Very Happy with both purchases,and highly recommend Texas Bushcraft for your specified needs.Good stuff!

Hey Terry,

Thanks for the great review of our Fire Starter and blanket! We're glad to hear that both items were of high quality and that you were able to get a shower of sparks going with the ferro rod. We're sorry about the strong odor on the blanket and are glad that you were able to get it dry cleaned and rid of the smell. It's worth noting that the smell is actually due to lanolin, a naturally occurring oil found in wool. We've left the lanolin intact in order to avoid the use of harsh chemicals and preserve the durability, softness, and fire resistance of the blanket. The lanolin smell usually wears off with use and hanging the blanket outside for a few days can also help. We appreciate your recommendation and are glad that you're happy with your purchases. Thanks for choosing Texas Bushcraft for your outdoor and emergency needs. Good stuff indeed!

Best regards,
Ryan with Texas Bushcraft

Aimee Blase

Great product, super fast service

Wilder Andrews
Excellent Kit

I have just received this kit through an amazon order. It is an excellent addition to my bushcraft/SHTF loadout. Great Ferro rod and leather pouch. I did not technically want the paracord bracelet. It came with my kit regardless, I am glad it did. It is a very well-made bracelet that I will use!

Hey Wilder,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! We're glad to hear that you love your new kit and that it's an excellent addition to your bushcraft/SHTF loadout. We're glad you appreciate the quality of the ferro rod and leather pouch, and that you're pleased with the paracord bracelet that came with your kit. We hope you continue to find value in your new kit and that it serves you well.

Best regards,
Ryan with Texas Bushcraft