Collapsible Campfire Bellows

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  • Compact, portable tool for stoking a fire and increasing airflow
  • Collapses to 3.8” for easy storage and transport, extends to 19” for efficient use
  • Made of anti-corrosive, durable stainless steel
  • Comes with a storage tube to protect it when not in use
  • Ideal for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness


The Collapsible Campfire Bellows is a compact and portable tool for stoking a fire and increasing airflow. Whether you're camping, hiking, or preparing for an emergency, this handy tool can help you keep your fire going strong. Simply blow through the extended bellows to increase oxygen flow and revive a sleepy fire. The pocket-sized bellows collapse to 3.8” for easy storage and transport, and extend to 19” for efficient use.

Made of anti-corrosive, durable stainless steel, the Collapsible Campfire Bellows are built to last through multiple uses. The bellows come with a storage tube to protect them when not in use, making them easy to store and transport. Keep your eyes away from the smoke and your face away from the flames while using the bellows to ensure your safety. This compact and reliable tool is a must-have for any camping or survival kit.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Kelly
exactly what I was looking for

Very satisfied with my pocket bellows 3 pack purchase. The product is quality. I will buy again in the future.

Barry Hulet
Fantastic! Already sharing.

They work great to give a concentrated blast of air while keeping my face away from the flames and smoke. I love the compact size and carrying tube. They fit easily into my pack or pocket. I've bought multiple and already shared with friends and family. I may need to order some more!

Tim Mccarthy
indespensible tool / item

compact full time part of my 'fire kit' now. Had pirated collapsible antennas off old radios in past...this is much better

Rob Burnham
Great tool

A friend had one of these bellows and after using his I bought 2. One for the house and one for camping. Works great and keeps the fire burning.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for leaving a review for our Collapsible Campfire Bellows. We're so happy to hear that you've found it to be a great tool for you and that it's been working well to keep your fires burning.

It's great to hear that you tried out the bellows at your friend's place and found it so useful that you decided to get two for yourself - one for the house and one for your camping trips. We hope that it continues to serve you well and be a reliable tool for all your future outdoor adventures.

Thanks again for your positive feedback and for choosing our product. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Ken Ammon
Just what I needed!

We use it in our woodstove and it extends far enough to reach the coals to get them flaming again. I had considered getting a regular bellows but a friend showed us their Texas Bushcraft bellows and it's so small and effective that we bought it instead. Love it!