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Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Cord
  • Outlast the outdoors with this patent-pending survival paracord by Texas Bushcraft. Designed with 3 more strands than traditional paracord rope, it positions you to catch fish, close a wound and stay warm in times of trouble.
  • 3 additional strands in the Firecraft Utility Paracord include a water-resistant waxed cotton tinder; a 150D waxed thread for sewing; and a 40-lb test fishing line. All are encased in an abrasion-resistant nylon sheath for durability.
  • More pliable and lightweight than metal-based tactical paracord rope, Firecraft has no wire or monofilament strands. This gives it superior knotting ability as tie down rope and greater resilience during prolonged submersion.
  • Withstands repeated use without sacrificing strength or flexibility. Firecraft Para Cord is a reliable, strong rope for building a shelter, hobbling animals or setting snares when you are on-the-move in the wilderness with no end in sight.
  • Bulk survivor cord is available in 25- and 100-foot lengths, in your choice of Army Green or Burnt Orange. Unsurpassed for strength and versatility, it is a must-have addition to camping accessories, tactical gear or bug out supplies.

 Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Cord

A New Twist on Utility Cord

Texas Bushcraft has made the first real advancement in paracord rope with our Firecraft Survival Cord. Our patent-pending design adds 3 additional strands to conventional tactical cord for greater functionality in any predicament. More flexible and weather-resistant than survival wire, Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Cord can be used to lash together makeshift shelter, as snare cord to trap wild game for food or for suturing wounds and splinting injured limbs until help reaches you.

Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Cord

3 Strands Improve Your Odds

Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Cord features a water-resistant waxed cotton tinder and a waxed 150D thread for suturing and canvas-sewing. The third strand is a 40-lb test PE fishing line with enhanced durability in salt water environments. With no metal-based strand or monofilament strand, ours is a more pliable fire cord for knotting. Make a handcuff knot for dragging a carcass or clove hitches for rope ladders and railings. Because you can unknot and reuse our para cord countless times, it is an excellent camping rope.

Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Cord

Must-Have Survival Equipment

This strong cordage is available in bulk lengths of 25- and 100-feet. Select from Army Green for a camo paracord that offers personal concealment or shrouding of trip wires and snares. Our Burnt Orange outdoor rope is more visible to the human eye, ideal for leisurely camping and hiking. Both are great for creating paracord bracelets that combine fashion and function.

Tie-up the loose ends in your tactical gear. Add Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Survival Cord to your emergency supplies today.

 Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Cord

Customer Reviews

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John Reinhardt
Great Cordage

Yet another quality product from your company.

Hey John,

Thanks for the shout-out! Delighted to hear our Firecraft Cord met your expectations. Here's to many adventures ahead with it in tow!

Happy trails,
The Texas Bushcraft Team.


Strong works great

Great stuff

Won't go in the woods without it, awesomeness

Hey Sue,

We're absolutely thrilled to receive your fantastic review of our Firecraft Cord! Your enthusiastic endorsement and the fact that you won't venture into the woods without our product means the world to us. Your support and trust are what drive us to keep providing reliable, high-quality gear. Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience, and here's to many more adventures ahead!

Best Regards,
The Texas Bushcraft Team

Go idea, won't replace my 550

Awesome cord. Has everything one would need in a survival cord like this.

Howdy, TheLoyalNine!

Our Firecraft Cord has got it all, packed with everything you could possibly need for a wild adventure. It's like a survival superhero, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way! So gear up, embrace that untamed spirit, and remember, The Texas Bushcraft Team is right by your side, cheering you on through every epic journey!

Stay fired up, stay adventurous, and keep rockin' it out there!

Yours in wild adventures,
The Texas Bushcraft Team


Will be buying again