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Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp

  • ENDURE THE STORM under the protection of a Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp. Designed to fend-off rain, cold and hostile environs, this rugged waterproof tarp helps you overcome outdoor adversity in any season. Remain warm, dry and concealed until the coast is clear or help arrives with this emergency tent tarp in your go-time gear.

  • 10’ X 10’ TARP-SHELTER offers plenty of room for you and an associate to hunker-down when circumstances go awry. String it between trees as a survival-shelter or use it to create waterproof tent flooring. A must-have addition to survival gear and equipment, it can even be used as an emergency blanket with the reflective side helping to preserve body heat.

  • DURABLY CONSTRUCTED from 70D ripstop nylon tarp denier with 210T thread count, the Texas Bushcraft Tarp has superior puncture resistance and industry-leading 15,000mm waterproof PU coating. Waterproof heat tape seams, including along the ridgeline are reinforced with nylon webbing, making our survival tarp a reliable shelter from downpours and rough terrain.

  • STAY COMFORTABLE under cover of this reflective-tarp. Aluminized polymer deters heat loss when this emergency tarp is used as a camping shelter. In summer, it helps you stay cooler by reducing UV absorption. Its fireproof properties also help protect from hot campfire embers. It makes an excellent cover for your camp kitchen.

  • BUILT-IN TIE-POINTS include 14 nylon loops along the sides of the camp tarp and 5 ridgeline loops for occasions when you use it as a camping shelter or hammock tarp. All are made of sturdy nylon webbing and have rustproof brass grommets for using tent stakes, bungee cords or rope. Hanging loops in the center also help organize gear.


Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp

Take-Up Shelter Anywhere
Bug-out or face extreme weather confidently with the Texas Bushcraft Camp-Tarp in your emergency gear. This hardwearing 10x10 tarp for camping and survival helps you hunker-down in storms or hide-out in the wild. It has been constructed from the highest-quality 70D ripstop nylon and given a 15,000mm waterproof PU coating, far exceeding that of other safety shelters. Unheard of in rival rain tarps, Texas Bushcraft Tarps have waterproof heat tape seams even along the ridgelines. Military green for blending into the scenery, this hardy but lightweight tarp is essential survival equipment.

Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp
Rugged Bug-Out Gear
The Texas Bushcraft Emergency Tarp can be used as a tent-tarp for under tent or as a backpacking tarp with your camping hammock. A reflective aluminized polymer on 1 side helps you stay warm with radiant body heat in winter and cool in the summer as it deters UV absorption. Going the extra mile in durability, all edges and ridgelines are reinforced with nylon webbing. The tarp is outfitted with 14 tie-down loops around its perimeter and 5 ridgeline loops down its center. Tie-down loops have rust-resistant brass grommets for securing your tarp tent with rope, stakes or bungee cords.

Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp
Be Ready for Go-Time
Each camping-tarp comes with a stuff sack for portability. Stow it with your emergency supplies, pack it in your camping accessories, or keep it in your car trunk with other outdoor survival gear. With this versatile tarp among your emergency, backpacking and hiking gear, you are always prepared to comfortably wait-out the arrival of rescue personnel or the end of civil disobedience.

Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp
Stay warm, dry and sheltered in the face of disaster. Add the Texas Bushcraft 10x10 Tarp to your emergency preparedness items today.

Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp

Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp

Customer Reviews

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I waited to review the bushcraft tarp until I got a chance to use it. I set up camp. I was concerned how sheer the tarp seemed at first. Stretched, pulled and tugged until it was where I wanted it. Started raining about 6 in the evening and never stopped. I packed out the next day. I stayed dry and warm. I was very impressed.

Hey there RJ,

Thanks for the awesome review of our Survival Tarp! We're glad to hear that you had a chance to put it to the test and that it kept you dry and warm during the rain. It's great to hear that you were able to get the tarp set up exactly how you wanted it, even though it seemed sheer at first. We appreciate your feedback and are glad that you were impressed with the tarp's performance. Keep on setting up camp and enjoying the great outdoors!

Best regards,
Ryan with Texas Bushcraft

Cheryl Sandridge
Survival tarp

Did exactly what I wanted. Sheltered back of pick up, was cooler than tent and kept the rain off. Withstood some poorly engineered tie downs in some hefty gusts.

Kenneth Burrow
Bushcraft Survival Tarp

In my opinion, this is a light
Weight tarp. It has a nice quality feel. Lots of well sewn fastening points.

Quick delivery.

My Bushcraft survival tarp came 5 days sooner than expected. I plan on using it starting a week from today. So glad to see it . String and stakes not excluded. I am pleased with the feel of it and workmanship. Color me happy.


If they're afraid to tell you how much it weighs, then it weighs too much.