Fire Starter Survival Kit

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Texas Bushcraft Firestarter Kit
  • SURVIVE AND THRIVE with a fire starter kit by Texas Bushcraft. This high-quality 4-piece set includes fire steel with a striker; a paracord survival bracelet; and a drawstring tinder pouch for collecting combustible materials for starting a fire.
  • RELIABLE, WATERPROOF survival lighter consists of a magnesium fire starter rod with solid hardwood handle; and a serrated tinder scraper and striker. This 3/8” ferrocerium rod provides 15,000+ strikes, even when wet. It creates 5000 F degree sparks with ease.
  • BE PREPARED for sudden turns in weather by collecting and storing tinder ahead of time. Our large water-repellent tinder pouch is made of cowhide leather. It measures 15” flat and about 7” when cinched closed with its’ drawstring. It’s also a handy possibles pouch for foraging wild edibles.
  • 12’ OF PARACORD between the survival bracelet and ferro rod lanyard provide cordage for lashing together a lean-to; tying together a splint; or securing equipment to your backpack, ATV or car roof. The bracelet’s bow shackle includes an extra pin in case the other one goes missing.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED lets you buy with confidence. If you’re not delighted with the quality and performance of the Texas Bushcraft Firestarter Kit, return it for a full refund of your purchase price. No questions and no quibbles.

Texas Bushcraft Firestarter Kit

Peace of mind in any situation

Whether you're caught in a sudden downpour or the red balloon has gone up, our fire starting kit lets you enjoy a roaring fire until the clouds part or reinforcements arrive. This 4-piece emergency survival kit includes a firesteel with scraper tool; a paracord bracelet; and a leather tinder pouch for collecting and storing fatwood, birch and cedar bark. By proactively storing tinder and keeping all your fire making kit organized in one place for an emergency, you'll quickly lift the morale of your fellow campers with your ability to get a fire going right out of a bag.

Be prepared when conditions deteriorate

Our fire starter kit ensures that you're ready to hunker-down and endure. Unlike single-use matches that can become wet and unusable, our ferro rod provides a perfectly balanced ferrocerium alloy specifically designed for outdoor survival. It is hard enough to last for 15k strikes with a multi-tool scraper that features a bottle opener, measuring rule and hex wrench, yet soft enough to direct your sparks exactly where you want them with a flick of the wrist.

Texas Bushcraft Firestarter Kit

Maintain your blades This indispensable survival gear not only helps to keep you warm and fed in an emergency, but the leather tinder bag pulls double duty as a strop to keep edged weapons and tools razor-sharp and ready for action. Simply turn it inside-out to expose the suede side and draw the edge across it to achieve the edge you desire.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Ellen

In my go bag, works great! Spark it up!

Howdy Sue!

Now that's a review that sparks joy! Super stoked our Fire Starter Survival Kit found its place in your go bag and it's sparking up a storm! Thanks for the awesome five-star review and for letting us be part of your adventures. You're more lit than a bonfire under the Texas night sky!

Stay fired up,
The Texas Bushcraft Team

Great firestarter

This is my absolute go to when starting my fires when I’m out camping, hiking or bushcrafting. I love the tender pouch that comes with the kit as well it’s very helpful for carrying any tender I find on my adventures. Thank you all for the amazing products and I plan on doing a full review on my Instagram and YouTube channel: &HikingHippieTribe

Howdy, HikingHippieTribe!

We're absolutely thrilled to hear that our Fire Starter Survival Kit is your trusty sidekick for getting those fires roaring while you're out camping, hiking, or indulging in some good ol' bushcrafting. And that tender pouch? It's like a handy-dandy treasure chest, perfect for carrying all the fire-starting goodies you stumble upon during your wild adventures. We can't thank you enough for your amazing support, and we're itching with excitement to watch your full review on Instagram and YouTube! Remember, The Texas Bushcraft Team is here to fan the flames of your adventurous spirit and keep the fire burning strong on all your thrilling outdoor escapades!

Stay fired up, stay adventurous, and keep exploring those untamed frontiers!

Yours in wild wanderings,
The Texas Bushcraft Team

Jonathan Baroni
Useful tool

The Texas Bushcraft fire starter kit is a useful tool for any overland adventure it should right along side with your first aid equipment. It could be a life saver. It’s a small enough kit to store in my dry bag or store it in my kangaroo pocket on my Anorak.
I also love my Texas bushcraft wool blanket. Thank you for the prompt delivery and quality products.
Best Regards,
Jonathan Baroni

Cynthia Wilkerson

Works every time! My son in law LOVES it🤩

Hey Cynthia, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! We're super glad to hear that the fire starter kit is working well for your son in law. It's always great to hear when our products are making a difference for our customers. We hope it continues to be a reliable tool for your son in law. Thanks again for choosing our product and for sharing your feedback with us.

Finely Crafted!

Really impressed with the quality and the fast shipping! Best customer service I've received in a long time! I'd defiantly recommend, and will be a returning customer!! I'm telling everyone I know!!

Thank you for the fantastic review! We are so happy to hear that you had a great experience with our customer service and were impressed with the quality and fast shipping. Your recommendation means a lot to us and we look forward to having you as a returning customer. It's always great to hear that our customers are spreading the word about us to their friends and family. Thank you for choosing us. Best regards.