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Texas Bushcraft Wool Blanket
  • WHAT'S THAT SMELL? Lanolin is a naturally occurring oil found in wool. We’ve left the lanolin intact in order to avoid use of harsh chemicals and preserve the durability, softness and fire resistance of the blanket. The lanolin smell wears off with use and hanging the blanket outside for a few days goes a long way!
  • STAY COZY WARM under the comfort of this cold weather camping blanket by Texas Bushcraft. Its thermo-regulating properties and water resistance make it the best wool blanket for fending-off frigid temperatures. Hunker-down comfortably in your tent or car to await the break of day.
  • VERSATILE INSULATING BLANKET keeps you toasty in an array of outdoor settings. An integral part of your bushcraft gear, this warm blanket can also be used as a stadium blanket for sporting events or as a campfire blanket. Gather around a roaring fire with it draped over your lap or shoulders.
  • DOUBLE-STITCHED EDGING around all borders gives the Texas Bushcraft Camping Blanket for cold weather exceptional durability. Because it repels moisture through its fibers for water resistance and fast drying, this cold weather blanket is odor-resistant and naturally self-cleaning.
  • LARGE 66” X 90” SIZE insulating blanket is suitable for children, women and brawny men. Use it inside your sleeping bag, atop a camp cot or fashioned into a hammock. It folds down or rolls into a compact size for a portable backpacking blanket or emergency blanket for car or motorcycle.
Texas Bushcraft Wool Blanket

    Fend-Off Frigid Temperatures

    When nights turn cool in the great outdoors, stay warm and comfortable under the warmest blanket for extreme cold. The Texas Bushcraft Camping Blanket features an 80 percent Merino Wool and 20 percent nylon-polyester blend that is soft, breathable and thermo-regulating. It heats-up quickly by helping retain your natural body heat, yet it is breathable and moisture-resistant to keep you at the perfect sleeping temperature in any climate. Its 66 x 90 inch dimensions ensure that it is big enough for cuddling with a companion beneath a star-filled sky.

    Texas Bushcraft Wool Blanket

    Comfort and Protection

    Our water- and fire-resistant blanket is essential winter camping gear, defending you from falling temperatures and exposure to rain and other adverse conditions. Thick yarn has been used to give it double-stitched edging for a decorative and durable finish. The Texas Bushcraft Merino Wool Thermal Blanket for camping is a multifunctional indoor and outdoor blanket. Use it as a cabin blanket over your lap to chase away the chills. Make a bedroll for your hiking adventures or keep one in each family vehicle for winter survival if your car veers off the road.

    Texas Bushcraft Wool Blanket

    A Camping Gift with Easy Care

    Outdoorsy people are always in need of warm camping blankets. Texas Bushcraft Merino Wool Blankets will be welcome Christmas or birthday gifts for men and women who love to escape to wide open spaces. Because their fibers are naturally odor-resistant, our wool camping blankets are less susceptible to mildew and smells. They are naturally self-cleaning and very low-maintenance, a must for the wanderer who is always on the way to their next exciting destination.

    Texas Bushcraft Wool Blanket


    Texas Bushcraft Wool Blanket

    Texas Bushcraft Wool Blanket

    Texas Bushcraft Wool Blanket

    Customer Reviews

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    Terry Kilpatrick
    Yes and yes!

    I recently went camping in the Texas Hill Country and took my new wool blanket and my sleeping bag. I'm 6' 2". This blanket is perfect. So good that, I ditched the sleeping bag and used the blanket on the cot. It's everything you want with a quality wool blanket. I will buy another. Well done Texas Bushcraft!

    Timothy Kershaw
    Awesome product

    A fantastic product, I wish I had purchased this blanket sooner. Indoors, outdoors; it literally does not matter. It keeps you warm and cozy no matter what.

    David Finley
    Help out on cold camping nights

    I bought my 2 wool blankets to use along with or without my sleeping bag on cold nights of camping. Using one below me and one on top. Will try out this coming week. Very happy with price and quality. Will buy for Texas Bushcraft again. Also, I appreciate the quick shipping.

    Howdy David,

    Yeehaw! We're thrilled to see your amazing 5-star review for our Wool Blanket! It's fantastic to know that you're happy with the price and quality, and that you're planning to use them for those chilly camping nights. We reckon that using one below and one on top will make a world of difference in keeping you warm and cozy.

    We're also stoked that you appreciated our quick shipping – we always aim to get your gear to you ASAP! Whenever you're ready to shop with Texas Bushcraft again, we'll be here with open arms.

    Have a blast on your camping trip this week, and stay warm out there!

    Happy trails,
    Texas Bushcraft

    Trent B
    Very good quality!

    This is a very high quality product. The length is much longer than most wool blankets on the market. Perfect for a tall guy!

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a review and we're very glad you like the blanket. Thanks for your support!

    Jim B.

    Great blanket and fast shipping!!

    Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the shoutout and for leaving a 5-star review for our wool blanket! We're so glad to hear that you're happy with both the product and the fast shipping.

    We're always striving to provide the best possible experience for our customers and it means a lot to hear that we've been successful in doing so for you.

    Thanks again for your support of Texas Bushcraft!

    Ryan with Texas Bushcraft