Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp: Superior Design for Extreme Conditions

Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp: Superior Design for Extreme Conditions

Experience Unparalleled Strength with 70D Ripstop Nylon
The Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp, crafted from 70D ripstop nylon, exemplifies durability in outdoor gear. This medium-weight nylon strikes an ideal balance between robust protection and lightweight portability. The ripstop technique, integrating thicker threads in a crosshatch pattern, enhances the fabric's resistance to tears under stress—crucial for withstanding rugged outdoor environments.

Stay Dry with Advanced 15,000mm Waterproofing
In survival situations, staying dry is critical. The tarp's 15,000mm waterproof PU coating provides superior protection against heavy rains and wet conditions, ensuring that your shelter remains impervious to water penetration. This high-grade waterproofing is essential for maintaining comfort and safety in the outdoors, keeping you and your equipment dry and protected.


Trust in the Strength of Reinforced Seams
The reinforced seams of the Texas Bushcraft Tarp, including those along the critical ridgeline, are fortified with waterproof heat tape and backed by nylon webbing. This meticulous reinforcement allows the seams to withstand the stresses of harsh conditions, significantly extending the tarp’s lifespan and enhancing its reliability as a shelter.


Versatile and Reliable Shelter Solutions
The tarp's robust construction makes it ideal for various applications, from emergency shelters to waterproof layers for camping. It features 14 tie-down loops and 5 ridgeline loops, all reinforced with rustproof brass grommets, ensuring secure and easy setup in any environment.

A Cut Above the Rest

While some tarps might offer similar features, the Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp stands out for its combination of high-density material and superior waterproofing, which are not commonly found together in the market. This unique blend of features ensures unmatched durability and protection in outdoor settings.


The Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp is more than just a piece of equipment; it's an essential survival tool designed for the toughest conditions. With 70D ripstop nylon, 15,000mm waterproofing, and reinforced seams, it provides unparalleled protection and versatility, making it a must-have for serious outdoor adventurers.
Discover the Difference

Explore the unique features of the Texas Bushcraft Survival Tarp on our website. Equip yourself with a survival tool that ensures you stay dry, covered, and ready for any challenge. Join our community of adventurers and see why our tarp is a trusted companion in the wild.

Who We Are
At Texas Bushcraft, we are a small family-owned business founded in 2018 in Austin, Texas. We were motivated to share our love for the outdoors and inspire others to enjoy nature without the need for big, fancy gadgetry. Our mission is to preserve traditional bushcraft skills and support our customers on their path to self-reliance. We offer simple, elegant outdoor gear and educational resources to help you prepare to thrive in the great outdoors. Thank you for choosing Texas Bushcraft as your guide.

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