Why #36 Tarred Bank Line is Essential for Your Outdoor Gear

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Why #36 Tarred Bank Line is Essential for Your Outdoor Gear


When gearing up for your next outdoor adventure, the details matter. One crucial detail often overlooked by many is the type of cordage packed—specifically, the #36 tarred bank line. Here’s why this size is a staple in outdoor kits and how it compares with other thicknesses.

Understanding the Naming: Why "#36"?
The "#36" designation in tarred bank line refers to the weight and thickness standard used traditionally in the manufacturing of twine and rope. The number itself originates from a numbering system that categorizes the diameter and weight of the cord. In the case of #36, this line typically has a diameter of about 2.16 mm, striking a balance between utility and manageability.

The Perfect Balance of Strength and Usability
The #36 tarred bank line offers an optimal balance between thickness and strength. It’s robust enough to withstand significant weight and wear, making it perfect for a variety of uses, from securing gear to rigging tarps and shelters. This balance is what sets it apart from thinner or thicker lines, providing enough strength for most outdoor needs without the bulk.

Versatility in the Wild
Compared to thinner lines such as #18 or #21, which may not hold as much weight or resist abrasion as effectively, the #36 line is a more durable choice for rigorous outdoor activities. Thicker lines, like #60 or #72, while stronger, tend to be bulkier and less manageable for finer tasks such as tying precise knots or handling small gear components.

Enhanced Durability
The tar treatment on #36 bank line enhances its resistance to environmental factors like moisture, UV rays, and abrasion. This protection is crucial for maintaining the integrity of setups in unpredictable outdoor conditions and gives it an edge over untreated nylon lines that might degrade quicker under similar circumstances.

Lightweight and Compact
Despite its robustness, the #36 tarred bank line remains surprisingly lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry without taking up much space or adding significant weight— a critical advantage over heavier, thicker lines that might offer more strength but less convenience.

Economic and Efficient
Choosing #36 tarred bank line is also economically efficient. It eliminates the need for multiple types of ropes for different tasks, serving as a versatile, one-size-fits-most solution. Its durability ensures it lasts through multiple trips, providing excellent value over time.

Quick Comparison: #36 Tarred Bank Line vs. Paracord
While #36 tarred bank line is exceptional for its strength and protective coating, paracord is another popular choice in outdoor gear, known for its versatility and resilience. Paracord typically supports heavier loads (up to 550 pounds), making it suitable for more demanding applications like constructing emergency shelters or as a rescue line. However, its smooth surface might not hold knots as securely as the grippier tar-coated bank line. The choice between the two often depends on specific needs: paracord for load-bearing and general utility, and tarred bank line for situations requiring more secure knotting and abrasion resistance.

The Texas Bushcraft Tarred Bank Line
For a specialized choice in durable and versatile outdoor cordage, consider the Texas Bushcraft Tarred Bank Line. Crafted to survive the wilderness, this #36 tarred bank line is designed not just to meet but exceed the demands of outdoor survival and rigging applications. With a breaking strength of 350 lbs, it's capable of handling everything from emergency snares to secure load bindings. Its tar-coating ensures UV and weather resistance, allowing it to withstand harsh environments from wet lakes to sun-exposed trails. Available in convenient 1/4-lb and 1-lb sizes, this line packs more punch without the bulk, making it ideal for any outdoor enthusiast looking to optimize their gear setup.

Add Texas Bushcraft Bankline to your camping gear today and ensure you’re prepared for any challenge the great outdoors throws your way.

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